About - Dr. Ajay Magan

Dr. Ajay is a blessed Ayurvedic Doctor and Master Cosmic Healer. He has done a VAS (Visual Analogue Scale) research on the oldest techniques to cure the patients beyond medicines which prevailed since Aryan Civilization. Apart from being a successful formulator of Herbal, Organic and Natural products he has a glorious family background of six generations serving the society through Ayurvedic practice, Manufacturing and Propagating wellness. 

 His forefathers have been Ayurvedic Vaidyas who have served the mankind selflessly. Dr Ajay has earned the appreciation of many patients as each person has been satisfied by his treatment process. This wellness field has been adopted with some heredity factors, Himalayan Saints blessings and a great passion for learning something new. He is healing the sufferers of all income groups without keeping money as priority. 

 The wellness service has been started with the association of his Great Grandparents. Dr Ajay's Great-grandfather Mahashay Budiram ji has been awarded Dharam Ckakra, the president award from Government of India for serving the masses during epidemic occurred at the time of country's partition. He was rewarded the title of Mahashay (the most respected person). He could easily recognize the disease of the patient just by looking at the forehead. He lived for 101 years and practiced till the last day. 

 Dr Ajay's Grandmother Mata Pushpawati ji Vaidya also practiced Ayurveda till her last breath at the age of 96 years. She was rewarded the highest civilian award ' women of the year' by Mrs. Sushma Swaraj who is currently the central minister in Government of India. Almost all top leaders of the country visited her for health issues. Many renowned Ayurvedic Vaidyas like Acharya Balkrishan , Acharya Sudhanshu etc have learned a lot from her. Dr Ajay's father Late Vaidya Vijay Shastri was the consultant of WHO (World Health Organization) and he had a strong command over the different facets of Ayurveda and spiritual healing. With the broad knowledge of this ancient treatment methodology, he developed the silver chyawanprash biscuits, Herbal Cigarettes first time in the world. He was awarded Gold Medal, Diamond Medal and many prestigious awards from the Government of India and social organizations.

 The different civilization such as Aryan, Maya and Egyptian has been treated with zero consumption of medicine as the modern science and even Ayurveda were not in existence at that time. The healthy life style of that time people was offered through the natural process. So, Dr. Ajay has developed the concept of treating without medicines.


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